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Today is Armed Forces Day…

…and RECOIL wishes to extend its deepest respect to all branches of the United States Military. Unlike Veterans Day, which focuses on the individual current or former serving military member, or the various service-oriented birthdays (which focus on each specific service and its members), Armed Forces Day is a day for all citizens to express their appreciation to the military in totality – all of its components, all of its members.

Armed Forces Day was established in 1949 shortly after the creation of the Department of Defense. The DoD itself was authorized and enacted to replace the War Department and Navy Department in order to reduce inter-service rivalry and make the process of defense and warfighting more streamlined – the same connotation can be given to Armed Forces Day itself. Celebrated for the first time the following year, Armed Forces Day actually replaced separate Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force Days. It became an official United States Federal holiday in 1962.

To each branch of service, from the Joint Chiefs down to the newest recruit, and to the institutions and traditions you represent, RECOIL extends its deepest respect and appreciation.

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