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TomTom GPS watches do everything but sing cadence.

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TomTom has come out with a new product line for a wide range of athletes- TomTom GPS Watches. There are a few styles to choose from, depending on what sports you’re involved in and what sort of features you need and prefer. The simplest watch is the TomTom Runner, which can be used to track outdoor running or indoor/treadmill running. The Runner provides stats such as the duration of your run, how far ran, what pace you’re running at, what your average pace is, how many calories you've burned, and even how many laps you have done/have left (if you have enabled that feature). The watch also allows you to use previous statistics to ‘race yourself’- it even goes as far as to tell you how far ahead or behind yourself you are, and uses a vibrating notification feature to let you know when you’ve moved into first or second place. It will save all your data to upload and save later to any iOS or Android devices. This ‘basic” watch has an MSRP of $169.99.

TomTom Multi-Sport

There is also an option to add a heart rate monitor, in which case you could track your heart rate during your workouts. This extra feature brings the MSRP to $219.99.

TomTom Runner

They also offer a Multisport device” that essentially provides the same basic qualities, looks exactly the same, provides the same save and sync features, but includes swimming and bicycling tracking capacity as well. The watch is waterproof up to 50m depth (so you can wear it deeper than a kiddy pool). There are some constraints – you do have to enter the size of the pool and of your tires, for instance, but once it’s calibrated you’re good to go. The basic Multisport watch has an MSRP of $199.99, but here too you can add the feature of a heart monitor for a total of $249.99. You can also add cadence/ speed sensors and an altimeter for a grand total of $299.99.

Both watches are the same size, and TomTom now offers accessories. There are two different interchangeable straps you can purchase; the Comfort Strap and Comfort Strap Slim. The Comfort Strap is the standard size, and comes in 3 vibrant colors- turquoise, dark, pink, and bright green. The Comfort Strap Slim has thinner rubber, and width wise a thinner wrist band; it also comes in three colors- turquoise, dark pink, and black. The standard size Comfort Straps MSRP at $29.99, and the Slims are just a bit less at $24.99. There are also many other accessories available, so be sure to check out the site.

TomTom Comfort Strap

TomTom Comfort Strap Slim

To see more about the TomTom GPS watches, features, and accessories available, visit the following pages:

Runner- visit here

Multi-Sport- visit here

Accessories- visit here

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