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Top 3 Tips To Safely Storing Your Guns&Knives

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In case you were raised in the fifties, the sixties, or the seventies, chances are it's safe to say your childhood was the complete opposite of what today's children experience. Your parents probably let you ride their cars with no seat belts on, and you could ride your bike without someone nagging you about wearing a helmet. Maybe bike helmets weren't even invested then! And there is also a great chance that you grew up in a home surrounded by guns, especially if your Dad was a hunter.

Having fire arms freely displayed around a household was something as natural as having knives around the kitchen. This also must have triggered a “do not touch” policy hat may have worked fine in your family's case. Unfortunately, today's kids are a lot more curious and less obeying. So if you have forearms or hunting knives you need to keep around the house, here are a few strategies that might work for you. install safe and home locks

Tip #1: The Right Storage For Me Might Not Work For You

The truth is a specific storage solution might work differently for different people. It depends on the type of weapons you need to store safely, as well as the size of your home, the age of the kids you need your guns protected from, and so on. Keep in mind you need to work out an ideal solution that will prevent all forms of access that you consider unauthorized.

Another important factor to consider is the type of money you are willing to spend on these solutions:

  • If you are a collector of fire guns, you might want to prepare a bigger budget for the security solutions. You will need a nigger storage space/safe, so get ready to dig a little deeper.

  • If you are a competitor, you will also need portable solutions for when on the road.

  • You can opt for a device that can prevent unauthorized operation of your firearms, or protect it from any physical damage. You can opt for devices that can be used as thief deterrents. Not sure what would best work for you?

Tip #2: Contact A Home Locksmith/Security Expert

An authorized and insured locksmith with experience working with all types of locks will be most suitable to explain all you need to know about trigger locks or safes. They might also help you with some gun safety tips, at least the things concerning the safest storage options for your particular needs. The more experienced they are, the bigger the chances of them actually having helped someone with a gun collection stored in their home or garage. So they can tell you that:

  • trigger locks are am affordable, yet effective way of preventing guns from being loaded or fired by someone you have not unauthorized. New guns are usually sold with a trigger lock in the box, and the locks can be different. Trigger shoes clamp down around the trigger in order to stop the trigger from being manipulated. Avoid installing them on loaded guns, as they will come into direct contact with the trigger.

  • Fire-proof gun safes are also recommended, especially if you will choose one advertised as being fireproof for an hour or two. You should be able to recover your firearms in case of home fire. The size of the safe also matters, as it will decide how many weapons or knives you can store in it.

  • Cable locks, gun cases, and strong boxes are also highly recommended for safe storage.

Tip #3: Install A Burglar Alarm

Have a home locksmith install a home alarm to prevent overall home theft, and consider installing an alarm on your gun safe as well.

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