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First Look: TOPS Knives FORK

When you live out of your van by choice, incessantly hauling equipment from one longitudinal or latitudinal line to another, size and function become very significant.

Space At A Premium? F.O.R.K. It

First Look: TOPS Knives FORK

Living out of a vehicle like the Dodge Mahal it forces you to get rid of shit you don't need, and to highly value those items that make life easier. Such may just by the F.O.R.K. by TOPS knives — what does F.O.R.K. stand for? No idea, and none of their literature tells us. That's okay though, we're far more interested in how it works than why it was named [insert clever moniker here]. TOPS tells us a F.O.R.K. prototype was approved for production after spending a week in the Colombian jungle.

This little guy has numerous uses (that's what I said, which means that's what she said) and appears to clean up easily. It’s small, portable and very lightweight. I like all of that. It has a Kydex sheath over the blade, attached to a ball chain. There's even a powerful whistle connected to it, in case I need to call in support while eating something dangerous. (Or, you know, am lost in the Jarbidge Wilderness area.)

The F.O.R.K. is based upon my all time favorite culinary implement, the spork. Those things are so damned handy, eat some soup, stab the charred flesh of something that had a parent, all without changing utensils! How in the hell did we get along before the spork showed up? It also has a blade, and a bottle opener. We all know that will be the most important part of this set up, and probably the one getting the most use.

It's safe to say I’ll be putting this guy to use on my adventures; we'll see if it breaks or bends or otherwise leaves us disappointed. I plan on keeping this in my ruck and using it at my campsites, and you will report back on what effect it has on my world.

You know you won’t want to miss any of that story.

F.O.R.K. It by TOPS 3

This is what TOPS knives tells us about it.


“Ever been on a backpacking trip and forgotten your eating utensils? Not anymore.

F.O.R.K. It by TOPS 4

Leo Espinoza designed the F.O.R.K. It with several different uses in mind. Backpackers on a 20 mile plus trip aren't going to take much extra weight with them. Military personnel have to be extremely conscious of how much they're carrying. Prepared individuals with 72-hour kits in their car or Bug-out-bags in their homes constantly have to think about what to put in their pack. All of these scenarios benefit from having tools that can perform more than one task. Those people are what prompted the F.O.R.K. It to be made.

F.O.R.K. It by TOPS 2

The 1095 high carbon blade is designed to complete most small chores easily from preparing food to cutting rope or preparing tinder for a fire. An important aspect of survival regardless of the situation is to have some “creature comforts”. Having a civilized utensil available when it comes time to eat, can make a bad situation seem a little more comfortable, and that can give a morale boost. The F.O.R.K. It also has a bottle opener that comes in handy when drinking a fancy brew or imported soda, which can make this a staple for weekend camping trips and backyard barbecues. The Kydex neck sheath is small and lightweight giving access to the bottle opener without removing the knife and providing a safe handle for the spork.”

Here are the specs as found on the website.

    • Knife Type Fixed Blade, Nec
    • Overall Length 6.50″
    • Blade Length 2.63″
    • Cutting Edge 2.63″
    • Blade Thickness 0.130″
    • Blade Steel 1095 RC 56-58
    • Blade Finish Stone Wash Finish
    • Handle Style Skeletonized
    • Knife Weight 1.5oz
    • Weight w/ Sheath 2.5oz
    • Sheath Included Yes
    • Sheath Material Black Kydex
    • Sheath Clip Neck – none
    • Designer Leo Espinoza

If you're looking to learn more about the TOPS Knives F.O.R.K., Jerking the Trigger has a look at the prototype right here, and Craig Metzger wrote a piece about it right here.

About the Author: Sara Liberte is a photographer-videographer with a fascination for motor sports, vehicles, and firearms. She criss-crosses the US in the Dodge Mahal (an old Dodge van) with a plucky Boston Terrier at her side, photographing everything from new car releases to cross-country back road motorcycle races to GoRuck events. An avid outdoorswoman who enjoys firearms and won the lottery when it comes to surnames, you can find more of her work at She's on Instagram, @saralibertephotography and frequently posts on her own website, Garage Girls. Liberte is the author of How to Repair and Maintain American V-Twin Motorcycles and 1000 Biker Tattoos; in addition to RECOIL, her work has appeared in Street Chopper, IronWorks, Cycle Source, Easy Riders, In The Wind, Breach-Bang-Clear, and Hot Bike. Follow her on Facebook here.



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