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TOPS Knives “Rocky Mountain Spike” available for pre-order

It is doubtful TOPS Knives needs much of an introduction here. They have established an excellent reputation among industry for a variety of blades built to the specs of a wide range of designers with backgrounds in the military, law enforcement and the outdoors. Recently they released the Rocky Mountain Spike for pre-order. The Spike was intended for use in a number of environments; though developed for outdoor use and self defense, it will certainly hack through a steak just the same.

Each Spike is manufactured with a solid bar of 3/16″ thick 1095 High Carbon Alloy Steel and is individually heat treated. The Black River Wash process that is utilized creates a heat treat line at the base of the blade. The Rocky Mountain Spike has an overall length of 7 1/4″, features a skeletonized handle and will be available in the Sandstorm Bronze Color seen below. Follow TOPS Knives on Facebook for the latest updates and new blades.

Rocky Mountain Spike Burnt Bronze

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