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Training opportunity – Vehicle Low Light CQB

If you're anywhere in convenient travel distance of Grandview, TX, you might take a look at this course. Fighting in and around a vehicle presents many unique problems. Fighting in and around a vehicle after dark makes things even more complicated. March 22nd and 23rd, Special Operations Systems is hosting Sentinel Concepts to teach Low Light Vehicle CQB. The class is open to military, law enforcement and vetted citizens. Instructors will include William Petty, a veteran LEO with a Counter Terrorism background and lots of experience instructing, and Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts (the same Yeti who was formerly with Magpul Dynamics).


Fisher advises that the class will be in and around vehicles, beginning when it's light out and then shifting to weapon and hand-held light use as night falls. The class will involve both handgun and long gun (including transitions) and challenging – he assures me it will be a lot of fun as well. Here is the formal class description:

This is a 16 hr low light shooting course designed for the student who carries a firearm and operates in and around vehicles.  Since accuracy becomes extremely important in low light conditions this course will take the patrol officer through a series of nighttime drills which will give them a better understanding of how the darkness effects each shooter.  The instructor will explain ocular anatomy and physiology effects on low light shooting and how to better train for nighttime tactics.  The class will cover key features of utilizing different flashlights, holds, and weapon mounted systems.  In addition to low light concepts, the Vehicle CQB portion will cover dynamic positional shooting as it relates to vehicles in the use of cover and concealment.  Students will walk away with an understanding of ballistic principles as they apply to various mediums of cover such as glass, vehicle doors, engine blocks and wheels.  Drills will incorporate adverse shooting platforms with dynamic weapons manipulations while engaging threats in, around, and under vehicles.The course is designed for 2 hour of classroom instruction followed by 14 hours of practical instruction on the range at night.  Due to the requirement of low light the course will begin a 1600 hours and go til 0000 hours.

For further information you can read the specific course details here on line or visit Sentinel Concepts.

Let there be light - lights for class

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