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PDN: Training Talk Live with Grant Cunningham

“A reasonable and responsible approach to self defense and personal security.”

That's how the recently announced Personal Defense Network (PDN) live webcast was described by its new host, Grant Cunningham.

Live Show with Grant Cunningham 1

Cunningham is a well known author and instructor. Here's an example of his teaching:

“Here's the deal, folks — if anyone says any of the following in the context of defensive shooting:

•Look the magazine into the gun, because it's faster
•Wear your magazines with bullets forward, because it's faster
•People who wear their bullets backwards are idiots, because it's slower
•Here's a great reloading drill!

…they haven't got a freaking clue.

The examples of a reload making a difference in the outcome of a defensive encounter are few and far between in law enforcement, and damned near non-existent in the private sector. Spending more than a few minutes in a two-day class on reload technique, or trying to shave tenths of a second off your reload speed, is a poor use of instructional and/or practice time.

Any drill specifically designed to practice reloading as a separate skill is superfluous — because, if you're getting sufficient training/practice reps in actually shooting, you'll need to reload anyway. Those opportunities to experience an empty gun and recognize the need to reload are actually what you need, not some contrived “reloading drill” where the technique is taken completely out of context and you can pre-plan when to go through the motions.

Reloading drills are like vitamins: if you're eating a proper diet, you don't need to take pills.” Grant Cunningham

Here’s what PDN told us about the new show.

Personal Defense Network Announces Training Talk Live

PDN Logo 2

Personal Defense Network (PDN) offers a great new way to keep up on the latest news and information about the world of self-defense. PDN’s Training Talk is a live webcast from Personal Defense Network. Hosted by Grant Cunningham, renowned author, teacher and consultant in the fields of personal safety and defensive shooting, Training Talk focuses on self-defense, personal preparedness, everyday carry, home defense, emergency response, and many other topics related to keeping individuals and families safe from harm.

“What you won’t find are political discussions, conspiracy theories, or extremist social commentary. Training Talk is just what its name says: talk about training and preparing for worst case scenarios, because everyone has a right to self-defense — and it’s a big topic!” said Cunningham.

Training Talk airs on the first and third Thursdays of every month, starting at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern. Be sure to join in this Thursday evening for the newest installment. Live broadcasts as well as previous episodes can be found here.

Subscribe to PDN's YouTube channel right here.

About Personal Defense Network in their own words:

Personal Defense Network (PDN) is the leading source of no-nonsense personal defense information on the web.  Based in Minneapolis, MN, PDN offers a range of personal defense instruction to those serious about arming themselves for defense in every aspect of their lives.  Enlisting the professional services and experience of its network of Contributors throughout the United States, PDN is focused on providing high-quality personal defense editorial and video content on the Internet, including Combat Focus Shooting, an intuitive shooting approach developed by PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus.   In addition to its online presence, Personal Defense Network has delivered over 3 million DVDs to consumers via the Personal Firearm Defense DVD Series since 2006.

Find PDN on the web right here.

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