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Training with the Freedom Munitions Target in RECOIL Issue 19

Freedom Munitions has built a reputation for providing a wide selection of quality new and remanufactured ammunition directly to consumers at fair prices. However reasonable ammo prices might be, though, it still adds up when you head out to the range or as you work to improve your skills. Thus, it's a great idea to have a plan in mind for how you plan to spend your day, allowing you to extract maximum training and practice value for the rounds (and time) that you expend.

To help you with this, we're pleased to present a training target in the latest RECOIL (Issue 19) courtesy of Freedom Munitions. Of course, you can use it however you'd like, but it's been specifically designed for three valuable drills. Pro shooters Jansen Jones and Rob Romero walk you through them in the following video:

Tear out the target from Issue 19, or download a full-size PDF and print it out yourself (a large format printer is recommended to print the target in full size, 17.25 x 21.25 inches — you could also print it in sections and piece them together). Ideally, you'll have a shot timer to check your performance and track your progress across multiple practice sessions.


DRILL #1: Think, Think, Think

This drill utilizes the 6 numbered circles at the top of the target, testing your ability to think while you're shooting — you need to identify and shoot targets in sequence.

Freedom-Munitions-Think-1 Freedom-Munitions-Think-2

At 5 yards, start at low ready. Your score will be your total time, less 2 seconds for every miss.

For intermediate shooters, on the buzzer engage the circles with one round each in numerical order from 1 to 6, for a total of 6 rounds.

For advanced shooters, load your magazines with 4 rounds each. On the buzzer, engage circles with one round each in numerical order from 1 to 6, then back down from 6 to 1. Reload from slide lock as needed throughout the string. With a total round count of 12, this variant of the drill will add weapons manipulation to the skills being tested.

DRILL #2: Count ‘Em All

This drill builds on the thinking theme, requiring not only target identification and sequencing, but also adjusting for different sized targets. Take the extra time you need to get hits on the smaller targets, and speed up for the larger ones. Use the 6 shapes at the bottom of the target.

Freedom-Munitions-Count-1 Freedom-Munitions-Count-2

At 5 yards, start at low ready. Your score will be your total time, less 2 seconds for every miss or incorrect number of shots.

For intermediate shooters, on the buzzer engage targets with one round each in numerical order from 1 to 6, for 6 rounds total.

For advanced shooters, engage the targets in clockwise order starting with the circle marked “1.” For each target, fire as many times as the number shown. As such, you'll shoot once, then twice, then 3 times, then 6, then 5, and finally 4 times at the last square target on the bottom left (21 total rounds required). Reload from slide lock as needed. For added difficulty, you can load your magazines to just 10 rounds, requiring at least 2 reloads.

DRILL #3: F.A.S.T (Fundamentals, Accuracy, and Speed Test)

The F.A.S.T. drill, courtesy of, is a well known drill designed to test your fundamental shooting skills — all with just 6 rounds. It utilizes the half-size USPSA silhouette in the center of the target.

Freedom-Munitions-FAST-1 Freedom-Munitions-FAST-2

At 3.5 yards, start with your handgun loaded and holstered (either concealed or with retention devices as carried on duty) while relaxed with your arms at your sides. Your weapon should be loaded with exactly 2 rounds and a spare magazine with 4 rounds. Note that the F.A.S.T. drill is normally performed on a full size USPSA target at 7 yards — this Freedom Munitions practice target is half-size, so the range has been halved.

On the buzzer, draw and fire 2 rounds at the upper box. Your pistol should be empty and locked back at this point. Perform a reload, then fire 4 rounds at the center circle.

Your score is total time, plus 2 seconds for each miss to the head and 1 second for each miss to the body. As a rule of thumb, a score of less than 10 seconds would be considered intermediate, less than 7 second advanced, and under 5 seconds expert.


For all the dry fire proponents out there, we agree that you can make a lot of progress by working hard on dry firing exercises at home. But nothing beats slinging lead on the range!

Take a photo of your target and post your times and results on Instagram with hashtag #recoiltarget. Don't forget to tag @freedommunitions and @recoilmagazine.

And check out more Freedom Munitions videos on YouTube.

Shop for ammo at Freedom Munition's website, and go back every day to catch their Deal of the Day.

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