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Trident Concepts – fixed vs. folder (do you train?)

We'll start the morning with a few words from Jeff Gonzalez about knives – folders vs. fixed blade and the need for training with them.

How many of you carry a folding knife on a daily basis?

Now, how many of you have actually trained with said folding knife? That’s what I thought, in other words not many.

I get it, it for the most part it is an accessory for many, hence no training. I also get “It’s just a knife, what’s the big deal?” Nothing if you know what you’re doing.

The first thing is why are you carrying the folder, what is it’s mission? Most people haven’t taken the time to define the why, many just follow the herd. Are you carrying the folder as a secondary weapon, as cutting tool or as a letter opener…Here is my take on fixed versus folder. If it is illegal, then it’s pretty simple. If it is not against the law, then a fixed blade is definitely faster. Think of the fixed blade like carrying your pistol with a loaded magazine and round in the chamber and a folder carrying your pistol with a loaded magazine, but an empty chamber. My good friend summed it up pretty well when he said a folding knife is a broken fixed blade. So true, but if that’s all you got then we need to work with it.

Read the article in its entirety here.


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