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F.A.S.T. – the TRUGLO Universal Shotgun Sight

TRUGLO, Inc. tells us they're going F.A.S.T. with their Universal Shotgun Sight. It's just the latest in a long line of TRUGLO fiber-optic sights for various weapon systems. This one is ramp-style rear in green and a red front. It uses what they call the Focus Assisting Sight Technology, and they say it's ideal for hunting everything from birds to big game. They describe it as something that combines the speed of acquisition and accuracy potential of Battue-style sights with all the advantages of fiber optic. At less than $40 it's not going to crush your wallet to give it a whirl either.

Here's what they sent us.

Industry News: F.A.S.T. – the TRUGLO Universal Shotgun Sight

TRUGLO, Inc. unveils the F.A.S.T. Universal Shotgun Sight, the latest addition to their line of fiber-optic shotgun sights. This sight system utilizes innovative Focus Assisting Sight Technology, ideal for turkey hunting, still target shooting, or hunting large game with slugs and buckshot.

The two-piece sight has a green ramp-style rear sight designed for fast and easy sight alignment. The ultra-bright front sight utilizes a red fiber optic for increased contrast and visibility. The F.A.S.T. Universal Shotgun Sight combines the advantages of fiber-optic sighting systems with the speed and accuracy of both express and Battue-style sights. Compatible with most 12 and 20 gauge shotguns with ventilated ribs, the sight mounts easily to the rib and allows for adjustable windage and elevation.

With an MSRP of $37.00, this affordable sight is perfect for anyone looking for increased accuracy and quick target acquisition with their shotgun — ideal for converting a waterfowl or upland gun into a powerful turkey or hog hunting configuration. A magnet even holds the rear sight in place during installation. 

TRUGLO® F.A.S.T. Universal Shotgun Sights FEATURES

•Ramp-style rear sight for fast and easy sight alignment
•Front fiber diameter is .060″
•Adjustable windage and elevation
•Compatible with most 12 and 20 ga. shotguns with ventilated ribs
•Great for: Turkey hunting, still target shooting, slugs, and buckshot
•Front sight: Red Fiber Optic; Rear sight: Green Battue-style ramp
•Easy installation — no gunsmithing required


You can find the new F.A.S.T. TRUGLO Universal Shotgun Sight on their website right here. MSRP is $37, which isn't bad, but if you wait a bit you'll likely be able to find it on other retail sites for less. Amazon, for instance, offers a wide variety of TRUGLO sites like the Gobble Dot Extreme, TFO Handgun Sights for Glock and M&P, a 20mm 2MOA reticle Red Dot and many others. Can't be too long before their latest offering shows up there. There are also several styles shown below MSRP at DSG Arms and F3 Tactical.



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