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Introducing Two New OSS HELIX Suppressors

There are new suppressors in the Operators Suppressors Systems lineup, or so they tell us — two new OSS HELIX suppressors, to be specific. Evidently the new flush mount cans include the HX 556 and HX 762 OSS uses what they call “flow-through technology”, which they advise will significantly decrease blowback, as demonstrated in the video below. The Murray, UT based company doesn't think silencers should be using technology that's over a century old, so they've developed their own. The two new OSS HELIX suppressors are full auto rated. Read on for additional detail.

OSS Introduces Two New HELIX Suppressors

(Murray, UT) Operators Suppressor Systems LLC (OSS) proudly introduces two additions to our HELIX line – the HX 556 and HX 762. Built with OSS’s patented Flow-Through™ technology, the HX 556 and HX 762 are integrated flush mount suppressors and are full-auto rated.

Shorter, lighter and quieter, the HX 556 is 6.8” long, weighs 20.8 ounces and delivers a 32-34 dB sound reduction. The HX 762 is 7.6″ long, weighs 22.3 ounces, and delivers a 30dB sound reduction. Both are constructed with stainless steel, cobalt and titanium, and mount with OSS’s STS-Muzzle Brake – a direct threading mount and fully functioning muzzle brake that self-tightens during fire.


“These new HELIX products are the culmination of a lot of hard work this year by OSS’s talented engineering, manufacturing and test teams,” said VP of Sales and Marketing Chris Estadt. “And we’re excited by the reaction we’ve had with distributors, dealers and customers.”

The NFA Review Channel just wrapped their test of the HX 556 and confirmed its superior performance vs. baffle suppressors. They were impressed by how the HX 556 reduced blowback, bolt velocity, and “gunk” in their gun, and they liked its “great tone” too. [Note: you can see that below.]

And recent testing of the HX 762 by Military Arms Channel confirmed the HX 762’s superior sound suppression performance as well. MAC Channel was also impressed by the recoil reduction, accuracy, and signature reduction tone of the HX 762 compared with popular baffle suppressors they’ve tested. [Note: you can see that below.]

MSRP for the HX 556 is $1385. For the HX 762 it is $1495.

Here's the NFA Review Channel video they mention in the review,

This is the review from the Military Arms Channel.

OSS Suppressors can be found online right here and on Facebook at /OSSMission/. They're also on Instagram, @oss_suppressors.

Hat tip to SSD.

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