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Tyrant Designs MOD GRIP

Tyrant Designs reached out to tell us they've released a new rifle grip: the MOD Grip. Yes, we know, another grip. No, we don't know whether it's splendid or terrible. We'll have to wait and see. According to one of their social media posts, the MOD Grip is “…the first of its kind [with] an aluminum body and polymer composite front/back straps.” The goal seems to be to provide the aesthetics of a metal grip with the kinesthetics and adjustability of a polymer grip. If we wind up getting our hand on one (see what we did there?) we'll let you know if they achieve this.

Here's what they tell us about the Tyrant Designs MOD Grip

The MOD Grip is our latest AR-15 Grip design. It has a body (3oz) made from aerospace grade 7075 aluminum, as well as modular (hence the name) front and back straps made from a polymer composite. The total package weighs in at 4 ounces. The front strap is designed for a 3-finger grip, while the back strap comes in either smooth (standard) or with a chevron design. Both series of back straps are available in medium and/or large.

Tyrant Designs MOD Grip

There are a few reasons why we set after a modular design. Firstly, we wanted to offer a product that would be easy for the consumer to evolve. As time goes by we will continue to release new designs for both front and back straps. The end game is to offer a variety of options for the consumer, allowing them to have the exact grip they want. Secondly, we wanted to offer the operator a grip that covers both form AND function. We may be biased, but we believe the MOD Grip is the best looking AR-15 grip to ever be manufactured. But to be 100% functional in all conditions we chose to make the grip modular, and from a more traditional polymer composite. The straps themselves are resistant to climate change as well as offer the familiar feel one may get from other AR grips.

Both the aluminum body, as well as the straps are CNC'ed in our shop, located in the good ole USA. Nothing is molded or casted. The result is a premium grip that does not sacrifice quality. We are very excited to release the MOD Grip, and will continue to innovate with all of our future designs!

Tyrant Designs (which is a pretty baller name) is on Instagram, @tyrantcnc. They're also on Facebook (/tdcnc/)

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