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UF Pro’s Monsoon Smallpack – lightweight, practical and packable

UF Pro (the guys behind SLOCAM) have released some new “snivel kit” (as they call it in the military). Check out the new UF Pro Monsoon Smallpac Rain Suit. It's extremely lightweight, appears to go on easily over the garments you're already wearing and stows away compactly into two small bags that attach to any MOLLE/PALS system. Note that hese modular pockets attach to the exterior of the legs after it's been donned so you can use them as additional pockets. Though it was designed for Slovenian military units in mind, it would certainly be a nice piece of kit for campers, hikers and those who keep a bailout bag handy. The video is interesting, if you're curious at all about how they came up with the design.

UF Pro Smallpac Rain Suit 3

Learn more about the Slovenian company (which is fast making its mark here in the US) and the Monsoon rain suit here on their website.

UF Pro Smallpac Rain Suit

UF Pro Smallpac Rain Suit 2

UF Pro Smallpac Rain Suit 5

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