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Ultimate Rail-Pod from CTK Precision

CTK Precision develops accessory improving firearms accessories that are Made in the USA. They have now released their Ultimate Rail-Pod as a follow up to their P3 Ultimate Monopod, to be utilized in conjunction with buttstocks that integrate Picatinny Rail. A push button design allows you to quickly deploy the Ultimate Rail-Pod and lock into place. It folds up and lies directly against the buttstock when not in use. Installation requires only one screw to mount to the Picatinny rail segment.

Ultimate Rail-Pod__Rotate

A telescoping leg drops down and rotates out for a two stage adjustment providing 360″ of movement at 100 yards. At the first stage a spring-loaded cam locking mechanism with a Posi-Lock system securing the leg. From this stage you can custom adjust elevation by rotating the threaded section of the leg downward. The Ultimate Rail-Pod is manufactured with machined billet (6061 aluminum) with an anodized hard coat and weighs in at 5.6 ounces. Full length is 6.38 when completely extended. It comes in under 1.25 inch for a low profile when folded up against the buttstock.
Ultimate Rail-Pod_Extension

The Ultimate Rail-Pod is now available for direct ordering with CTK Precision and will work in conjunction with the Magpul PRS buttstock. Keep up to date with the latest releases from CTK Precision at their Facebook Page and on Twitter.

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