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Ultimate Tacticool Zombie Killing AR15 Video

YouTube user Iraqveteran8888 just posted this answer video with what he calls ” THE ULTIMATE AR-15 MALL NINJA TACTICAL ZOMBIE DESTROYER!” It's a fully tacticool, mall ninja'd S&W M&P 15 loaded with 9 30rd magazines, 4 flashlights, 3 lasers, 3 red dot sights 100-300yds, and bipod.

Iraqveteran8888 makes a good point towards the end of the video. He created “THE ULTIMATE AR-15 MALL NINJA TACTICAL ZOMBIE DESTROYER!” to show how versatile and customizable the AR platform is.You can build a KISS rifle or make it the ultimate zombie killer with all the coolest accessories in the market.

Well check out the video here:

4 responses to “Ultimate Tacticool Zombie Killing AR15 Video”

  1. jesse vanderlinden says:

    you need a way for people to subscribe and sign me up! You have a good thing going, don’t let it slip by.

  2. Campbell Man says:

    retarded. I thought I hand too much on my AR. wow is all I can say.

    • Fl shooter says:

      Lol, Do you not sence the sarcasm? They’re just poking fun at people putting crap all over what are supposed to be light, Controllable rifles.

  3. Mike says:

    Where is the can opener?

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