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Walker’s Game Ear Silencer Bluetooth
MSRP: $300

Notes: At three C-notes, these electronic earbuds are a pretty penny — especially when compared to a $1 package of foam earplugs. While “foamies” are quite good at attenuating noises, they don’t discriminate: they block out loud and soft sounds alike. The Silencer Bluetooth, on the other hand, attenuates loud noises (like gunfire) but amplifies soft ones (like whispers). This lets you hold a conversation on the range without screaming and allows you to hear what’s creeping around at night, be it your teen sneaking out at night or something more nefarious. Plus, these earbuds have Bluetooth technology that lets you listen to music or make a call on your smartphone. Comes with integrated lithium battery and a USB charging dock.

XS Sight Systems Inc. DXT2 Big Dot
COMPATIBLE WITH: Most popular models from Glock, SIG SAUER, Smith & Wesson, and Springfield
MSRP: $132

Notes: What’s one of the first modifications to a stock handgun? Swapping out the factory sights for something a bit more user-friendly. Enter the DXT2 Big Dot from XS Sight Systems Inc. As the name implies, it features a large glow dot on the front sight that contrasts against the tritium bar in the V-notch rear sight, providing the user with a “dot the i” sight picture that’s easy to acquire under duress and still visible even if your focus is downrange. The convex yellow dot absorbs light then glows in low-light situations, even before it’s dark enough to see the tritium dot and bar. Meanwhile, the rear sight ledge has just enough of a lip to aid in one-handed slide manipulations. Made in the USA.

COLOR: Black, Wolf
MSRP: $195

Notes: You can wear these LOWA to the pub, at the workplace, or onto a hiking trail — and you’d never look out of place. They’re designed as duty shoes for undercover law enforcement, but could work for almost any application that requires lightweight footwear, trail-worthy qualities, and adaptable aesthetics. The Enduro Evo outsole has a heel brake and aggressive lugs for traction without being overly bulky. The dual density DynaPU midsole and PU Monowrap upper offer stability, support, and shock absorption. Up top, a one-pull lacing system gives you a fast fit with evenly distributed tightening. Plus, it features a waterproof yet breathable lining, letting you hit the range on a rainy day or cut through a stream during your backcountry run.

Columbia River Knife & Tool Provoke
OVERALL LENGTH: 7.25 inches
MSRP: $200

Notes: Folding knives have existed for some 2,500 years, so it takes something revolutionary to blow people’s minds in the knife world. The Provoke is doing just that. How? Custom knife-maker Joe Caswell’s innovative karambit doesn’t swing open on a pivot like most folders do. Instead, your index finger grabs the retention ring and your thumb nudges the upper crossbar, sending the D2-tool-steel blade lunging downward. It’s looks almost like a claw coming out of a tiger’s paw — if said tiger were a Transformer that is. Practitioners of martial arts like silat and kali might not like its ergonomics, two-handed closure, or its reverse-grip-only design. But most everyone else will be in awe of Caswell’s futuristic take on this ancient Indonesian weapon.

Hornady 2-Gun Keypad Vault
EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 12.7 x 9.0 x 8.8 inches
INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 11.4 x 8.6 x 6.3 inches
MSRP: $149

Notes: Hornady’s new 2-Gun Keypad Vault offers speedy access to a couple of pistols using a programmable code entered on a quick-entry keypad. The vault has a removable shelf, allowing some customization of the space for pistols, valuables, or a combination of the two. Tap a four- to six-digit code on the edge-lit LED keypad and the springloaded door snaps open instantly. For additional security, the 16-gauge steel box has pre-drilled holes to screw it down and an audible alarm mode that also locks out the keypad for a time after someone attempts to guess the entry code. It runs on AAA batteries and has a keyed lock override for access without battery power.

Lead Faucet Tactical LFT Glock 19/17/22 (+ 2) Tactical Base Pad
COLOR: Black, FDE, Military Brown
FIT: Glock generation 1-4, G17/19/22/34/35. Gen 5 mags fit with gen 1-4 magazine insert.
MSRP: $40

Notes: LFT’s +2 base pad replaces stock Glock base pads with a rugged one-piece aluminum extension that holds a couple extra rounds. It snaps into place on the mag body like the standard pad and locks in place with a set screw. It uses the original magazine spring, and its shape offers plenty of purchase area to rip a stuck mag out of a gun. The pad’s bezel is tapered, and we found it fit in both stock Glocks and tricked out guns fitted with accessory magwell funnels. It’s an easily installed option that adds considerable utility without adding a lot of bulk.

5.11 Tactical Quest Pants
COLOR: Kangaroo, Lunar, Major Brown, Ranger Green
MSRP: $75

Notes: The new Quest pants from 5.11 Tactical feature a great new soft-touch stretch twill fabric. Comprised of 80% cotton, 18% polyester, and 2% elastane, they’re very comfortable, stretchy, and durable, and don’t make you feel like you’re wearing a tarp like many synthetic-heavy fabrics. The Quest pants are discreet, but multiple materials and additional stitching give a hint of its enhanced functionality. They feature a running gusset, articulated knees, and eight pockets, including hidden pockets, hook-and-loop fasteners on the back pockets, and pockets for your smartphone. Front pockets, belt loops, and the back hem are all reinforced. And additional panels with even-stretchier fabric provide all the flexibility you need to channel your inner Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Guntec USA AR15 9mm Magwell Adapter Block
COMPATABILITY: Colt Style 9mm SMG mags
MSRP: $90

Notes: Before there were 33-round Glock mags, there were 32-round Colt SMG mags. And, thanks to the law of expiring patents, “Colt-style” mags are a thing — they’re affordable and fairly easy to find. So, it makes sense to use something like Guntec’s new magwell adapter for your 9mm AR-pistol build project. It slips into the magwell of a standard AR lower and locks in place with a few set screws. The aluminum body contains steel inserts for durability. And, while there are plenty of other Colt mag adapters for ARs, Guntec’s superpower is price. This guy is about a half to two thirds the cost of its competitors.

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