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Unhappy? Try the ITS Hypalon Concealment Wallet and Lockpicking Kit

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Didn't get what you wanted yesterday? Over the next few days we'll run a series called the Unhappy Gift Getter's Buyer's Guide. You'll know them by the convenient (note: sarcasm) acronym UGGBG.

So, to begin…you say you asked for a sweet money clip or a custom leather wallet and got this instead?

Retro Wallet

No worries. We're here for you. Here's a much better sort of wallet, courtesy of Imminent Threat Solutions. Feel free to guilt someone into getting it for you to atone for their actual gift, or better yet just go buy it yourself.

This is the Hypalon Concealment Wallet. While there are a host of advantages provided by the material (UV resistance and extreme temperature resistance, a sure “grip” on the inside of your pocket), the wallet’s greatest features are the two hidden compartments you can use to conceal ITS physical security tool (you can see them here too). Carry them in compartments concealed within foldout flaps that blend with the seam lines from the front wallet interior. The optional Wallet Entry Kit includes the tools needed to both escape illegal restraints and to defeat common pin and tumbler locks, padlocks and other locks. Think diamond wire blade, Flat Ti Bogota Rakes, Split-Pawl Handcuff Shims, and the like. Another optional security device is the ITS RFID wallet sleeve. Use that to prevent anyone from transferring data from your ID, credit cards or passport. Want to round out the lineup? Pick up a polymer ITS Skeleton Key 2-pack. It’s completely non-magnetic and capable of opening most any single or double locked swinging bow ratchet type adjustable handcuff that might be used to restrain you or your family illegally, whether in a home invasion, during a robbery or any other exigent event.


Don't wait until some asshole has you cuffed up in a convenience store to practice, though. Like all skills this will take some work — look for some tutorials and video on the ITS website.





Imminent Threat Solutions (@itstactical)


ITS Hypalon Concealment Wallet, Wallet Entry Kit, RFID Wallet Sleeve and Skeleton Key Set


Wallet $60, Wallet Entry Kit $60, RFID Sleeve $25, Keys $7



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