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Update from Rebelle Rally – and the X Elles

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We told you about the X Elles at the Rebelle Rally earlier this month. The event began on the 13th and runs through the 22nd.

This 7 day off-road navigation rally [is covering] more than 2000 km through the Nevada and California deserts with no GPS or electronics. It is not a race for speed, but a unique and demanding event based on the elements of headings, hidden checkpoints, time, and distance using maps, compass, and road book.

Here's a couple of updates on Team 137, the X Elles, who are sponsored by Combat Flip Flops.

Rebelle Rally Day One

Over 100 grueling off-road miles and 12 checkpoints. The X Elles hit all 12 and tie for first place.

Rebelle Rally Day Two

A day of shakeups. The X Elles are now in 4th place, missing some gear, backtracking, but still smiling and positive. Amazing fortitude and attitude. 

Last week, Combat Flip Flops’ CEO, Griff, announced that for every checkpoint The X Elles hit, they will fund a week of school for an Afghan girl. At the close of day 2, that’s 25 weeks of school!

Click the link to follow the race here:

About The X Elles as they describe themselves.

The X Elles were created to do one thing, inspire women around the world. In 2012, The X Elles were established to race in the Rally Aiche des Gazelles du Maroc, the longest, hardest, all female off-road Rally raid in the world. In the 4 years since, Rhonda Cahill and Rachelle Croft have continued to race, competing twice in Morocco to bring awareness to sexual abuse and hope with their campaigns ‘1 in 4' and #youareloved. Whether raising their kids, speaking, training, or filming, these women live to inspire people around the world.

About Combat Flip Flops in their own words. 

Combat Flip Flops is a veteran-owned small business creating economic, educational and life-saving opportunities for those living in conflict areas.  Working with self-determined entrepreneurs affected by conflict, Combat Flip Flops’ willingness to take bold risks, build community connections, and create distinct designs communicate, ‘Business, Not Bullets’—flipping the view on how wars are won.  In 2016, through the brands’ Unarmed Forces (consumers and supporters) one year of school has been funded for 134 Afghan girls and over 5,000 square meters of land mines have been cleared in Laos, allowing children to safely walk to school and farmers to harvest their land. To keep up Combat Flop Flops, please visit their website.

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