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“Urban Shield’ is coming soon

We have a team on the ground in Jordan covering the 6th Annual International Warrior Competition there. However, there are other big competitions in the world, and one of the biggest, best and most complicated is right here in the U.S. – Urban Shield. Organized and administered every year by the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, Urban Shield is hands down one of the most arduous and genuinely realistic large scale training events in the world. Though it has an international element, the majority of the teams are from the US, and Urban Shield pushes them to their limits.

What would happen if a bomb was detonated on one side of the city, an IED was initiated to catch the initial wave of responders while at the same time 3 major incidents of arson were reported? What if a Mumbai or Kenyan mall type attack was conducted once all emergency services were tasked out, requiring fire and EMS to work under cover provided by police from multiple agencies? What if one or more of those events also required EOD or HAZMAT? What if the situation was bad enough to warrant response from numerous cooperating agencies working concurrently, coordinated by a Joint Operations Center? Would coordination be effective? Would communication? Would actionable intelligence be forwarded to everyone involved and then exploited?

These are the sort of things Urban Shield is designed to help figure out.

Urban Shield is coming this September.

Urban Shield moulage

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