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US PALM – Cynology War Labs

Earlier this week we mentioned an upcoming project from US PALM called Cynology War Labs. That generated a lot of questions. Cynology War Labs is, as the name might indicate, a new project to design and build load bearing gear and warfighting/tactical/rescue equipment accessories for K9s, MWDs (Military Working Dogs) and other hard working canines.  “Dog vests” should be available in just a few weeks (the target date is September).

Sizes and purpose will vary (just as gear for 2-legged wearers do) but there will naturally be adjustment capability sewn in along with lots of modularity potential. You should be able to outfit most working dog sizes, for a number of different mission sets. (While underweight Pomeranians and overweight Kavkazskaïa Ovcharka might be slightly more difficult to fit, it will probably not be impossible.) US PALM Cynology War Labs RECOIL Magazine 4

US PALM Cynology War Labs RECOIL Magazine 2 US PALM Cynology War Labs RECOIL Magazine 1

If you're interested there's a short video posted on their Facebook page showing the Hot Weather 1/2 vest with ACS 7×5 QRF pouches attached. You can watch that here. Meantime watch US PALM online and keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates and new pictures as they wrap up T&E and begin production.US PALM Cynology War Labs RECOIL Magazine 5

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