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USMC Fighter Knife from Medford Knife and Tool

If you're a Marine, seeing the Medford Knife and Tool USMC Fighter Knife will immediately catch your eye– even before knowing its name. The Medford USMC Fighter knife is a modern twist to the well-known Ka-Bar. While the Ka-Bar is deeply tied to the Marine Corps, the old design had known weak points.

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It's no surprise that the attention-to-detail Medford USMC Fighter Knife was designed and made by a Marine. Knowing all too well the areas that break on Ka-Bars, Greg Medford created his USMC Fighter Knife with today's fighters in mind.

USMC medford 5

We were able to get hands-on with the Medford USMC Fighter Knife at the NRA Annual Meetings. The knife was well-balanced, and the quality construction was evident. This knife is meant for use and abuse, but the beauty of it makes it collection-worthy.

USMC medford 1

Entirely made in America, the Medford USMC Fighter Knife features:

  • S35VN PVD crucible steel blade
  • Full-width tang without constrictions or fracture points
  • Two-piece titanium interlocking hilt
  • Titanium pommel
  • 3D surfaced multi-colored G10 scales

The knife comes with a custom brown leather sheath, made from American premium cowhide. Medford's USMC Fighter Knife retails for $525.

USMC medford 7

To check out Medford's USMC Fighter Knife, go to:

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