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UTM RBT Reality Based Training Alliance

UTM has 14 years of experience in developing Non-Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA) for military and law enforcement. This experience helped with the creation of an improved round offering 99.8% reliability and safety rating, as well as wide recognition of the ammunition as a preferred training tool. For instance, the U.S. Air Force Nonnuclear Munitions safety Board approved the UTM M9, M11, M16/M4, and M249 training systems, and the UTM 5.56mm Man-Marker rounds are approved for the U.S. Army Close Combat Mission Capability Kit Program.

UTM RBT Training

RBT  has not been around as long, but does have a successful history. In 2008 Phoenix RBT Solutions was founded by two former federal law enforcement officers who were commissioned by Homeland Security to find new training solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies and Military. They subsequently developed methodologies and facilities for scenario training integrating live-fire, combatives, and tactics providing real-world immersion training for those situations that might be experienced while in the line of duty.


Now UTM and Phoenix RBT Solutions have combined their expertise in a strategic alliance. The new partnership will leverage their combined experience working with Special Operations Forces, Military and Law Enforcement personnel to form UTM RBT. The alliance integrates firearms with Non-Lethal Training Ammunition into combatives and tactics training for ‘the most realistic training program possible'. Some of the courses topics covered include Force on Force training, Active Threat Response, Arrest Techniques, Ground Defense, Use of Force, and Under Cover Close Quarter Tactics.

UTM Target Shooting

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UTM RBT utilizes 4.6mm and 7.62 Non-Lethal Training ammunition to offer military and law enforcement a full stress innoculation experience during their training. The 7.62 NLTA ammunition was just introduced for firearms chambered in 7.62mmx51 and 7.62×39. The new line of ammunition includes Silent Blank Rounds (SBR), Battlefield Blank Rounds (BBR), Target Bullet Rounds (TBR), and Man Mark rounds (MMR). They have also developed conversions specifically for the M240B Machine Gun, FN Minimi, and H&K 417. UTM RBT also has an AK-47 Rifle in the works specifically for use in training with the 7.62mmx39 ammo.

The UTM RBT System is intended to save lives by helping provide realistic training. We wish them well in that effort!

UTM Army Training

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