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UTM Releases Simunition Compatible Marking Round

UTM RBT Worldwide produces a variety of training ammunition and equipment, but they're best known for their MMR (Man Marker Round). The other big name in the game is Simunition. Once a department or training organization chooses either system, to move to a product from the competitor requires all the same startup costs (conversion bolts, slides, barrels etc). As such, they're often ‘locked in' from the initial purchase onward–it's like buying a Playstation instead of an XBox or vice versa.

Or at least it used to be. UTM announced something new: The 9mm UTX round. We're told that it's compatible will all 9mm Simunition FX conversions.

So if you're already equipped with a 9mm Simunition FX conversion want to try out UTM, or simply find UTM UTX at a better price, you can give it a go. More options are almost always better for the consumer.

For more information, visit UTM online here, or give them a follow on Facebook or Twitter.

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