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V Seven Weapon Systems Offers Helios For CQB Rifles

Written by Jacki Billings

V Seven Weapon Systems delivers a new linear compensator designed for close quarters style firearms, announcing the Helios muzzle device.

Crafted from Grade 5 Titanium and boasting 100-percent corrosion resistance, according to V Seven, the Helios muzzle device works to save the ears and sanity of shooters in the next lane by redirecting muzzle blast.

The Krinkov-style construction forces the concussion and sound emitted during firing forward and away from the shooter. V Seven says a Helios equipped carbine or rifle will see moderately suppressed flash in addition to a small reduction in recoil.


Though the company says the brake as designed for CQB style weapons, it realistically will work alongside any barrel length with calibers up to .338. Measuring 2.75-inches in overall length, the Helios adds approximately 2.2-inches of length to weapon systems. The device’s 1.25-inch diameter snuggles into most rails nicely, says the company, and only adds just over 2-ounces in weight.

The Helios comes with thread pitches in 1/2×28, 5/8×24 as well as two finishes — raw titanium and a DLC black finish. Rumor has it that a 1/2×36 version with a 9mm exit hole is supposedly in the works. No word yet on when that version will be available.

Screenshot-2018-1-2 HELIOS

The Helios’ unique and sleek design has already proven quite popular with rifle fanatics. The company leaked that its first raw titanium batch sold out on launch day in November. Though shooters desiring that raw titanium look might be waiting until a re-stock occurs, if your favorite color is tactical black you’re in luck. The DLC black versions are still available.

V Seven says the American made Helios ships with a crush washer in addition to a lifetime warranty all for an MSRP of $129.

Screenshot-2018-1-2 HELIOS(1)

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