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Velcro backed metal patches from Artificum Solis and Valkyrie Combat

Artificum Solis has once again initiated joint operations with Valkyrie Combat. This time they’re building metal patches, which apparently will be unveiled at Blade Show in Atlanta this coming weekend (they released on previously on Memorial Day). RECOIL will have guys on the ground there if you have anything specific you want us to look at, by the way.

The metal patches are .08″ thick, 15n20 steel and the designs are acid etched and sandblasted into them by hand. Each patch is velcro backed w/ both the hook and loop pieces, so they can be mounted on any existing velcro or a new attachment point can be created.  The metal has also been coated in a sealant to prevent corrosion.

If you’re anywhere near Ft. Benning, go by and check out Artificum Solis. If you’re going to the Blade Show they’ll be at table X8.

More information on the new metal patches in the Valkyrie Combat Facebook group, online here or visit Artificum Solis.

Artificum Solis- Valkyrie Combat MIA POW Metal Patch

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