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Veteran Vices: Black Rifle Coffee Company

Our subject of this issue’s Veteran Vices hardly needs an introduction. Black Rifle Coffee Company was one of the first veteran-owned coffee companies to make a splash in a market that seems to be growing more crowded by the day. BRCC uses beans imported from Columbia and Brazil, which they roast-to-order daily. Their blend options cover the entire spectrum of coffee preference palates from the light Silencer Smooth and Gunship roasts to the extra-potent Murdered Out and Caffeinated As F*ck roasts. Their coffee can be had in 12-ounce or 5-pound bags, or in single-serve “coffee rounds” for those running cup-based coffee machines. For those coffee heathens who drink decaf or instant coffee, Black Rifle has you covered there, too.

Founded by former Special Forces soldier Evan Hafer in 2015, BRCC was built from the ground up to support the veteran and pro-2A community. They’ve evidenced this by their 2017 push to hire 10,000 veterans. This was in direct response to the famed Frappuccino giant, who’s name we won’t mention, declaring they’d hire 10,000 refugees. On the back of their coffee business, they’ve built an entire lifestyle brand that encompasses memes, internet videos, and partnerships with like-minded veteran-owned businesses including Leadslinger Whisky.

While Black Rifle Coffee Company is hardly the only veteran-owned coffee brand out there, it’s perhaps one of the most well-known. We’ve had the opportunity to cross paths with them several times, most recently at the inaugural TORN Warriors charity event — itself a grassroots nonprofit designed to support combat amputees. The next time you want to get your morning fix, and support a charitable and like-minded business in the process, reach for a cup of Black Rifle and sip with confidence.


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