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Vetrepreneurs: Military Hardware, LLC

“You know that guy over there in the gray shirt?” one of my friends asked me today between stages at the Green Beret Pro Am. “He used to f^@&ing yell at me for having my hands in my pockets.”

He is Rick Cover, former Master Sergeant, USMC. He was a Marine Amtracker for just about 22 years. Now he runs Military Hardware, LLC.

“Now, we aren't a Wal-Mart gear distributor,” drawls Cover. “we only carry high quality, specialized gear either no one else sells or that's good enough we'd use it ourselves, or both.”

Miltary Hardware LLC 5

Military Hardware LLC carries G-Code, Mean Gene Leather, High Speed Gear, Save Tourniquet, Freedom Juice and other unique items. Check them out if you need to get kitted up.

Military Hardware LLC 3

Military Hardware LLC 2  Military Hardware LLC


Master Sergeant Rick Cover - Military Hardware LLC


Company: Military Hardware LLC

Primary Focus:

Carolina branded tactical equipment

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