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Vetrepreneurs: Badass Shirt Edition

Andrew Toth of Juggernaut Graphics has never been known to pull punches. Right on the top of his homepage, he drives straight to the point:

“We are THE ONLY print shop in the firearms industry that is 100% involved with the firearms industry! USMC Veteran owned! We are in your classes, on your range, on your forums, involved with your projects & contribute to your charities! “

In the silk screening business for more than a decade, Juggernaut Graphics is known for both their shirts for the firearms industry, as well as political themed t-shirts and sweatshirts that are sure to turn heads (if not for one reason, than another).

And these shirts aren't pumped out on a press by children in a city you've never heard of in China, but right here in the USA in Owosso, Michigan.

A Marine Corps veteran of Operation Desert Storm, Andrew Toth wasn't kidding about the firearms industry either.


He's produced shirts and custom graphics for companies both large and small. Mississippi Auto Arms, Suarez International, Tromix Lead Delivery Systems, Sneaky Bags, Magnolia State Armory, Carolina Shooter's Supply,Rifle Dynamics—and that's just scratching the surface.

Single color, multi-color, 1980's era punk shirts, to modern design, he'll do it custom.

Company: Juggernaut Graphics
Primary Focus: Custom Firearms Shirts
More information:
Home page

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