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Vetrepreneurs: JL Billet AR Parts

Quality Through Precision, that’s the mantra of JL Billet. Owner Jimi Leslie is a former Marine CH 53e helicopter mechanic who went on to become a helicopter crew chief and gunner. Leslie had 3 deployments to a few different locations. He went on to do contract work in Iraq as a gunner on MD-530 little birds doing reconnaissance, aerial security, escort, and medevac operations.


After the Military, Leslie took on several contract jobs including rebuilding CH 53e’s at the Naval Depot and H-60s in Germany for the Army until he could save up enough money to buy his first CNC machine.

Leslie left Iraq contracting and went to school for CNC and CAD design. He bought his first CNC machine in 2011 and began making automotive and motorcycle parts. It wasn’t until the industry exploded after Sandy Hook that the JL Billet brand was launched. “I made the decision to make high quality, sexy looking AR parts and stand behind everything I put my logo on,” said Leslie.


JL Billet specializes in 5.56 and 308 handguards, muzzle devices and a proprietary MBS (Modular Billet Stock) for the AR platform. Their latest offering is a 17” M-Lok rail available for both 5.56 and 308.


JL Billet will offer a 10% off site wide Veterans Day sale and always offers 10% off for military, LEO and first responders. Use coupon – VETSAVE10

JL Billet
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High Quality AR parts and accessories
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