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Hide a Full Loadout and More with HTC

This is a quick look at a full HTC (High Threat Concealment) rig by one of the staffers from Tactical Response Resources. High Threat Concealment has demanded a lot of attention over the last few months with their low-pro, low viz equipment series. More recently they revealed that US Customs and Border Protection has chosen their rigs for duty overseas. If you are not already familiar with High Threat Concealment, or the work they do with Rogue Gunfighter, take a few minutes and check them out. They do some interesting things, and make it far easier to sustain a fight from concealment. Obviously not everyone is running low-pro operations in a non-permissive environment, but…if you enjoy frequent strolls in the vicinity of the  East-West Expressway by Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando or you're wont to roller-skate in the vicinity of Roosevelt Road and Bond Street in Little Rock, this might just be the concealed carry platform for you.

Keep in mind too that the entire system is modular. Whether you need just a sidearm, spare mag and TQ or the equivalent of a full load-out, take a look at HTC.

This video is about a year old, but Progressive Force Concepts is a very squared away organization. Their input might also be of interest.

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