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Black Rain Ordnance Loves New York

Here’s proof positive that creative designers, engineers and real Americans can do amazing things when confronted by anti-Second Amendment legislative idiocy. Check out the New York compliant AR15 from Black Rain Ordnance – it’s not what you’d necessarily buy if you lived in one of the Free States but it’s better than nothing (and it’s nice to stick your thumb in the anti-gunner’s eye).

“Black Rain Ordnance Inc. is an all-American, Made in the U.S.A. Company that whole-heartedly believes in the 2nd Amendment. From our standpoint, the legislation that has recently passed in areas such as New York and California is unconstitutional. We feel that the legislation that has been passed, in areas such as these, treads on our 2nd Amendment Rights as Americans…

Who feels the backlash when manufacturers and dealers stop selling to the anti-gun states? The answer is simple: gun owners. Not selling to New York is exactly what the New York political forces want. We refuse to let our brothers in arms do without.  We have had an uncountable influx of appreciation from gun owners and gun shops that actually live and operate in the NY area…Let the skeptics be the skeptics, but we are not backing down. We will continue to use innovation to ensure those that want firearms will have them.” Justin Harvel, President, Black Rain Ordnance

The Black Rain Ordnance Inc. New York Compliant rifles have a fixed stock, no pistol grip, 10-round capacity magazine, lo-pro gas block without “evil bayonet lug” and a non-threaded muzzle. Learn more about them here.

Black Rain Ordnance NY Compliant Rifle 2

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