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Viking Chronicles Joins RECOILtv

Viking Chronicles has partnered up with RECOILtv to bring you topics ranging from shooting tactics to hunting experiences. This partnership means no waiting for TV airtimes or having to purchase an additional channel through your already expensive cable provider. That's the beauty of RECOLtv– watch when you want and for free.

Kyle Lamb hosts Viking Chronicles and his extensive background gives unique perspectives that entertain and educate the viewer during each episode. We've picked a few of our favorites that are ready-to-watch on RECOILtv, check them out below.

Let's kick this off with some good ‘ol bloopers, but also several informative takeaways from Kyle:

In this episode, Kyle searched for days to no avail for a bull elk he had hit. It wasn't until four months later when the carcass had been located. This is one of the painful realities of hunting, and Kyle doesn't hide that fact. It was a relief to Kyle to find the bull and the end of a chapter, but the episode wasn't over. Kyle continues on with a goose hunt. Check it out:

Turkey hunting requires skill, patience, and a bit of luck. See how well Kyle fared in this turkey hunt:

Watch more Viking Chronicles episodes on RECOILtv

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