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Vision under stress

RECOILweb contributor Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics recently wrote an article about what happens to your vision under the effects of stress. Actually, it's more of a treatise but it's worth reading.

“Many of the students we have in front of us will have not been involved in a shooting or multiple shootings. We can explain the stress effects on vision (among other things) but having not experienced them personally, those students are only getting an academic understanding. Since everyone has eyes and can see, they may not grasp that their vision can be changed in a significant way under stress because internally they have been seeing since birth…”  Aaron Cowan

He looks at the example of an undercover officer who was unable to see his sights during a shooting incident. He talks about the structure of the eye, the SNS, front sight focus (and its loss), field of vision and depth perception and many other facets of vision as it pertains to gunfighting.

You don't have to have a burning desire to understand proprioception or synaptic plasticity to learn from it. Read the entire article on Monderno here.

Cowan Vision Under Stress 2



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