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VLMS: “Not a Survival” Patch

This is damn genius. Violent Little Machine Shop wants to makes sure this Velcro-backed little leather piñata (which includes all sorts of emergency survival gear hidden away) is not a survival patch. It does, however, include just about anything you might need to survive the situations you will probably never get yourself into.

Says VLMS,

“Stick this patch on your bag, jacket, headliner, or anywhere you've got loop velcro and you'll have a myriad of treasure at your disposal to get you out of sticky situations. Hunting, fishing, trapping, fire-starting, drinking, escaping, and mending are just a few of the things you can accomplish with this patch.”


The whole patch/kit is $50, so you get free shipping. Buy yours here.

Violent Little Machine Shop is on Instagram, @violentlittle. Follow 'em on Facebook here.

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