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VLTOR Weapon Systems is kicking off 2019 with a significant shift in their offerings. They will be arriving at SHOT Show this year with their first ever MLOK-compatible product. Two SHOTs ago, they introduced a modular AK handguard called the CMRD – pronounced “Comrade.” They’ve chosen this product as their first-ever to be offered in both KeyMod and MLOK variants.

As the original inventors of the KeyMod system, VLTOR has long-held exclusively to this pattern across all their products. While that philosophy was certainly understandable, it left consumers in a bit of a bind. Those end users who liked VLTOR’s quality and design features, but were invested in the MLOK attachment system had to choose one or the other.


The CMRD MLOK hails the beginning of the end of this conundrum, with a projected release during Q3 of this year. While the CMRD is the only product currently slated for an MLOK overhaul, they assure us that they will be offering MLOK-compatible products for the AR, and other weapons, as time and resources allow. The CMRD MLOK will release at the same MSRP as the original KeyMod version, $229.


The CMRD MLOK will offer 43 individual MLOK slots spread out across six separate axes – 11, 12, 1, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. The first CMRD MLOK will be their extended-length version, which runs all the way to the front sight post of an AK. Made of 6061-T4 aluminum, the CMRD MLOK has an installed weight of 14 ounces. Because of the length, you will have to sacrifice your standard front sling loop. It will fit most stamped and milled AKM variants with a barrel diameter between .670 to .685-inches. Carbine, pistol, mid-length, and Yugo/Serbian variants of the CMRD MLOK handguard are planned for future development.

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