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Vortex Razor AMG UH-1

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Vortex had a number of their Razor AMG UH-1 “Hueys” on display at Triggrcon. While the optic itself is not new, it has only begun to ship recently. For those looking at holographic type sights, the UH-1 is worth a look.

The Advanced Manufacturing Group (AMG) line is made entirely in the USA. The only part that is sourced from another country is the hologram, which is built in the UK. But being made in the USA is not the only attractive point about the optic. Vortex set out to identify and correct deficiencies in the holographic optic market.


Vortex sought to remove potential thermal shift issues by firmly attaching all of the critical components responsible for maintaining zero within the optic housing. What does this mean? Unlike the majority of other sights on the market, when a user makes elevation or windage changes, they are actually moving the optic housing which is attached to the base. There is no internal adjustment to a laser that is being made. Simply put, the optic itself is two pieces (a base and the housing where the electronics are located). Any shift that could be contributed to pieces within the optic itself are now accounted for and eliminated.

It was explained by Vortex staff that the optic only has three different points where the laser is reflected from. While this may not seem significant, it has less potential points of failure. The UH-1 also lacks any lenses, a lens being a curved surface, within the optic. This prevents parallax and helps to minimize any edge distortion which results in a better image for the shooter. The front and rear panels are constructed of shatter-resistant glass and only serve to keep out water and dust.


The laser is a Class 2 laser, which is why you don't see any warning labels on the side of the optic. It is also 800 times more efficient than commonly used lasers which results in a better battery life for the end user. The staff at Vortex's booth explained that when lasers heat up or cool down, it changes the output of the laser itself. These changes can result in zero shift or degrade the integrity of the image itself. To combat this, the UH-1 has sensors that monitor the ambient temperature of the sight and either increase or decrease the laser's output to maintain a stable zero and image. This also helps regulate any issues that may be in relation to thermal drift.


The micro USB slot on the side allows for a user to keep their optic charging (if they opt for rechargeable batteries). It was explained this would be beneficial for officers in police cruisers, etc. The micro USB slot is a closed circuit, meaning that if water were to enter there, it won't short-circuit the rest of the optic. The UH-1 has an auto shutoff that is triggered at 14 hours. The sight also alerts you to when there is approximately 25 hours of battery life remaining and then again at 1 hour by flashing the reticle.

You can also learn more about the UH-1 from the Vortex Nation Podcast. The UH-1 has a suggested MSRP for $699.99, which means that you'll likely find it cheaper on the street.

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