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Walker Defense ARMA: Muzzle Brake Reimagined?

This is the Walker Defense ARMA, which is short for Adaptive Role Muzzle Apparatus. It's designed to “…overcome major deficits in existing muzzle brakes and compensators, by reducing rearward and lateral concussion while minimizing recoil and muzzle rise.”

According to the manufacturer, many of its design features are specifically intended to optimize the use of the ARMA with NVGs or during periods of low illumination. They advise it also provides greater than 50% recoil reduction on both AR-15s and AK-47s while significantly reducing the rearward pressure wave and keeping muzzle flash to a minimum.






Here's what the manufacturer says about the ARMA:

Walker Defense ARMA

Our ARMA muzzle brake aims to redefine expectations for muzzle devices at large. Using our proprietary, IP-protected Neutralizing Energy, Remain at Origin (NERO) technology, we have developed a muzzle brake we believe is finally worthy of being called “combat-compatible.”

Leveraging a firm understanding of fluid dynamics and supersonic flow, we created the ARMA disperse underoxidized gases exiting the device in such a way to minimize muzzle flash. Couple the specifically-designed porting that minimized flash with the fact that no ports face upward, and you have a very low-light compatible muzzle device, even during fully-automatic fire.

The ARMA’s technology can readily be scaled up (or down) to just about any caliber from 5.56mm NATO to .50 BMG (and above), allowing it to feasibly be made for virtually any firearm. The possibilities are limitless. The ARMA technology includes consideration of and interaction with quick-detach (QD) suppressor mounts.

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