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Warfighting with Revision Robo Suits

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We previously discussed how Revision Military is much more than eye protection; rest assured they have much more coming down the line. One of those is the KOS. While not quite at the level of HALO or Universal Soldier (or any number of Anime titles), at SOFIC this year Revision displayed what the future may bring.

What we're about to look at is the Kinetic Operations Suit. Think of it like a concept car–while everything is in development, not all of the pieces are quite ready for prime time. I did overhear that this was part of the TALOS program, which shouldn't be a surprise to anybody. The Kinetic Operations Suit combines many technologies Revision produces blended into a complete unit and is covered with the Army's former beloved UCP camouflage.

Okay, kidding about the last part, the pattern is called Armageddon.


The PROWLER system is what you're seeing strapped around the legs and torso. The exoskeleton provides greater strength and mechanical advantage. You're always going to have to balance weight, mobility, and capability–and an operational PROWLER system allows you to increase weight without reducing the mobility or capability portions of the scale. This means more armor and a heavier load over a longer distance. Even still, the attached armor is modular so the level of protection can be scaled when needed.



The GPNVG-18 (Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle) made its way into the collective consciousness of the public thanks to the movie Zero Dark Thirty. No more narrow field of view if you have these on. However, even if you have the coin and credentials for them, hanging a lot of weight off your helmet isn't exactly a comfortable experience. 27 ounces (the weight of GPNVG-18's according to TNVC) is a lot to deal with. Revision showcased their VLOS to combat this problem. It stands for Vertical Load Offset System and it makes the helmet virtually weightless while maintaining the ability of natural head movement.



Okay, so how do we power all of this? The back of the Kinetic Operations Suit featured a dual Nerv Centr Sharepack (we cover the Nerv Centr here) to give the juice to entire suit and accoutrement.
But you know what? The floor of a conference room just didn't seem right for the Revision Kinetic Operations Suit (even a conference room full of badass stuff like SOFIC). So I took it upon myself to give it new environments.


and the future?

Definitely looking forward to see what the next years bring. Check out their promotional video below. You can also visit Revision's homepage here, or follow them on Facebook.

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