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Go Apocalyptic – Wasteland Weekend

Take your post-apocalyptic cosplay seriously? Maybe just want to drive a badass car in the desert surrounded by people who look like they work for Immortan Joe? Check out Wasteland Weekend. (Warning – images below somewhat NSFW/Not Safe For Work.)

Post apocalyptic cosplay - Vegas PG 1

That's professional costume maker Vegas PG in the image above (@vegasPG) by Thieves Den Photography. She seems like a perfect candidate for Wasteland Weekend. So does Jessica Nigri (@jessicanigri) — but Nigri is a human chameleon so that's no surprise. The featured image up top has a photo (on the left) by Peter Hied and another (on the right) by Brenna Smith, via


Post apocalyptic cosplay - Jessica Nigri

Image courtesy @jessicanigri, unknown photo credit.

What's Wasteland Weekend, you ask? It's something of an evolution from the Roadwar USA event back in 2004. The goal is to set up an immersive post-apocalyptic setting for the attendees. Think Sturgis, but for War Boys, Toecutter's Gang and Mainforce Patrolmen instead of bikers (and it's in the Mojave Desert instead of South Dakota). As you would expect, everything about the place — apparel, events, vehicles, structures (check out the Atomic Cafe)…it all looks like it's occurring long after TEOTWAKI. Costumes and props, particularly the vehicles, range from neighborhood Halloween costume quality all the way up to properly astonishing movie-worthy.

Last year's event was attended by over 2,000 people riding around in over a hundred vehicles. There were also a number of scantily clad women — usually carrying something sharp or spiky.

Wasteland Weekend vehicles 1

Image courtesy Jeff Vaillancourt,


Photo by Molly Adams; there's an excellent gallery at

Wasteland Weekend Go Go Dancers

Photo courtesy Wasteland Weekend social media feed.

They take things pretty seriously. Just ask any member of one of their tribes. For instance, this announcement just came out last week.

Death Guild Thunderdome is excited to announce that the Thunderdome will be returning to Wasteland Weekend in 2016. In collaboration with Wasteland Weekend, we will once again bring you 360 degrees of living, breathing, battling, screaming combat. Stay tuned for more information on signing up to be part of the show. Thanks for the warm welcome last year – we can’t wait to return to the Wasteland. You are awaited, Marisa and the Death Guild Thunderdome Crew.

Wasteland Weekend Thunderdome

Photo by Alex Stover Photography

Wasteland Weekend Women 2

Photo courtesy Jane Pojawa,


Photo courtesy L.J. Williamson

Learn more here (@wastelandweekend on Instagram). There is a lot of imagery on Pinterest and on Instagram, some NSFW, but be forewarned — as with lycra, V-strings and other scanty bits, not everyone wearing it really ought to be.

Tickets for Wasteland Weekend 2016 recently sale. Buy one now for $85 and you'll save $50 — tickets will be $135 after the end of March. The post-apocalyptic themed weekend runs September 22-25 in California City, CA. Wasteland Weekend is on Facebook here: /wastelandweekend.

Post apocalyptic cosplay - Vegas PG 2

Vegas PG again — not from Wasteland Weekend, just in the same spirit. Photo by Thieves Den Photography

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