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We Make a Poor Man’s MP7 with a KelTec CMR-30

Editor’s Note: The CMR30 is available to civilians, and for good reason. We all know that’s technology that all red-blooded Americans should always be able to get their hands on. [email protected] sporting purposes.

Even if Heckler & Koch didn’t hate you and think you suck, owning an actual MP7 might prove to be more burdensome than you’d expect. 4.6x30mm ammunition is awfully hard to find on a local gun shop shelf, while it’s slim pickings online as well.

And what about 5.7x28mm? Frankly, one of our kidneys would immediately get nervous at the thought of an MP7 chambered in 5.7x28mm. Oh sure, there are other 5.7 weapons out there to be had — you can get your Stargate on with an FN PS90, travel back in time and try to find a 57 Center AR57 AR-15 upper, or snag a CMMG Banshee, which inexplicably accepts FN Five-seven pistol magazines instead of P90 magazines.

But expensive and relatively rare ammunition is absolutely not what this article is about. This article is about the Poor Man’s MP7. If you’re the type of person who’d think about fashioning a plate carrier from reusable Walmart bags or would consider purchasing Chicom Crye pants, this one is for you.

And in lieu of the elusive 4.6x30mm or 5.7x28mm, we’re rolling with KelTec and .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (.22WMR, also known as .22 Magnum or .22 Mag). While prices jump considerably from its .22LR baby brother, the magnum variety offers a substantial increase in range along with a reasonable variety of loadings. You won’t find us advocating any sort of rimfire for defensive use, but that didn’t stop the folks at Hornady, Speer, and the like from producing loads that expand in gelatin even when fired from handguns.

An extended magazine makes the heel release actually usable.

Aside from joining the military and passing Special Forces selection in a variety of nations, the closest most will ever come to a real MP7 is a high-quality airsoft replica. Or follow along, and you can make this bad boy yourself.

KelTec first released the PMR-30 pistol back in 2011. They apparently found it popular enough to release a rifle variant, the CMR-30, some three years later. The PMR and CMR share calibers, magazines, controls, and grip modules. The CMR-30 has some distinctly MP7-ish aesthetics and a modestly functional collapsing stock, inspiring us to pursue this build. But that barrel just looks so … damn … long. And this being our chop-everything-themed issue, we decided to cleave it down to 10 inches.

Outfitting and Mods

While I do tend to put variable optics on everything these days, so far that impulse has yet to extend to PDWs and pistols — perhaps just a matter of time. Red-dot sights still hold their own quite well in this arena, so a Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 it would be. The CMR came from the factory with chunky plastic Magpul MBUS sights, but we immediately tossed those behind the workbench to commingle with long-lost buffer retaining pins and springs, installing a pair of MBUS Pro sights instead.

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