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Weather documentary touts advantages of tactical training

Hurricane David caused a number of problems, not least of which are the sharks dropping from the sky like something from a piscine biblical plague. One thing the resultant sharknado aptly demonstrated was the need for a tactical background for those hoping to weather the storm unscathed. The ability to put together a home-made bomb from the local hardware store is another plus. Shotguns, pickaxes, pistols, chainsaws — if you don't have one, and aren't trained and prepared to use it (and equipped with a bigger helicopter) you might not survive.

“We can't just wait here and wait for sharks to rain down on us!”

If you were worried, Red Cross Oklahoma tweeted “We survived the #sharknado!” yesterday.

For the love of God, we just hope there isn't a natural disaster or weather phenomenon that drops Dinosharks and Sharktopi onto a big city.

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