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What if you could guarantee your ammo supply?

So we're clear, given some of the questions we've seen posted via social media – this is NOT an April Fool's Day joke. This is the greatest breaking ammunition-related news since smokeless powder. Okay, it might not be THAT big, but it's still an awesome development. DR

The past couple of years has been a rollercoaster of supply and demand, with its inevitable consequences for price and availability. While 5.56 and 9mm have largely recovered from the Obama-induced panic, 22LR is still rarer than hen's teeth. With mid-term elections fast approaching and the next Presidential election cycle promising a South Park-style choice of candidates, there isn't much chance of returning to the halcyon days of market stability any time soon.

RWS Case inpesctionWe've all gotten used to the concept of immediately snapping up any bargains we come across – the chances are, if we go back to the same store a day later, someone else will have had the same idea. No doubt, this mentality contributes to the current conditions, pulling forward demand and keeping a floor under prices.  What if there was a way to cut through the crap and get what you wanted, at a price that was guaranteed not to go up, no matter the political situation?


Thought so.

Would sir like one pallet or two?

Most folks are familiar with the Costco business model, which after all has lead to their becoming one of the most successful companies in the US. Taking a similar approach, the guys at Prime Ammunition are offering a member-based system to purchase ammo, which also has a cap on prices. The consumer buys in at either a $49, $98 or $245 level, which assures an option to buy either  2000, 4000 or 10,000 rounds at a fixed price. The cost you see on their website might go down, but they're adamant it'll never go up for the duration of that particular membership cycle and once payment is made, one fourth of the ammo you purchase will show up on your doorstep every 90 days.  If you're attending a class and need more, they'll ship directly to the range, without cutting into your stash.

The next question is an obvious one, namely, how good is the ammo? Those of us old enough to remember Swiss P when it was brought in to the country, usually get all misty-eyed at the thought of its ability to deliver one-hole groups. Well, it's back.


RUAG Ammotec is based out of Switzerland and has the reputation of being the most precise factory ammunition made. Just how accurate the product coming into the US is remains to be seen, and I'll report back from the plant with my findings in a future issue of RECOIL. Suffice to say, the current World record for the longest sniper kill was made with RUAG 338 Lapua. The prices I've seen are in line with domestic offerings – think 30c/rnd for 124gr 9mm and 52c/rnd for 55gr 223, but the main kicker is guaranteed availability. I foresee a lot of people buying into the program and then bargain hunting at their usual local gun stores, secure in the knowledge that no matter what happens on the political front, they have a backup supply that will allow them to ride out the storm.

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