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When MacGyver wants to hijack planes…

These videos feature gear built from equipment purchased on the “far side of TSA” at airline terminals. It's interesting, to be sure. Practical? Probably not. You'd be much more “combat effective” with a ballpoint pen and a billiard ball dropped in a pair of good socks – but you watch. That won't stop the outcry (remember John Aristotle Phillips?). Hopefully people will watch the video all the way through and any real concern will be realistic and muted – it looks like the “gun” would be more dangerous for the shooter than anyone else. That does not seem to be the point of the video anyway. Though the practical applications here are dubious at best, the builder's message about the practicality of our current airport security procedures will no doubt resonate with many people.

Can you picture the scene? Terrorist produces dubious shotgun built of body spray, condoms and dental floss from his carry-on…passengers beat him down with their belts and laptop power cords. Mainstream news outlets talk airport security and rehash old hijackings for 30 days minimum.

Thanks MacGyver.

More here.

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