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Wilcox Boss Optic

Wilcox let us take a look at a unique red dot sight they've been producing for a couple years as part of a government contract that may soon be coming to the commercial market.

Wilcox Boss 1

The Boss optic is being produced for a couple of highly specialized counter-terrorism units currently utilizing .300 Blackout weapons. Because the .300 BLK cartridge has both supersonic and subsonic loads, with substantial differences in both muzzle velocity and bullet weight, a traditional red dot would have to be zeroed for one load or the other.

The Boss fixes that problem by a throw-lever that allows you to run one optic capable of holding two separate zeros. Set the lever to the left when running supersonic rounds, or to the right for subsonic rounds. This allows you to avoid having to change optics or memorize hold-overs/unders when going back and forth between load types.

Wilcox Boss 2

Additionally, the Boss includes three separate lasers which are slaved to the dot. When you throw the lever, the lasers change zero with the red dot. There is a visible laser, an IR laser and an short-range IR flood illuminator.

Since this is currently available only to government clients, there is no MSRP. But they have confirmed they are working on a civilian version, with the possibility of using the technology to produce optics in other calibers that accommodate multiple loads. Stay tuned to RECOILweb for future updates.

Wilcox Boss 3

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