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Win this Reverend’s AR-15

Sounds like a strange tag-line, but that's the truth of it. Grandview Outdoors reported today on New York Reverend George Koletas, Grace Baptist Church, who is holding his second rifle giveway in a few days. Apparently it is in response to the first raffle he held, a raffle that result in excoriation from the local media.

The first weapon was an AR15 modified to comply with the stringent (one might say ludicrous and pointless) measures of the New York SAFE act. Rev. Koletas says the weapon raffle was in keeping with Christian values. As such he  gave it away to a man after his sermon as part of his “Gun Give Back” program, which is intended to honor “hunters and gun owners who have been so viciously attacked by the anti-Christian socialist media and anti-Christian socialist politicians the last few years.”

Read the whole story over on Grandview Outdoors. Reverend's AR15 Giveaway 2


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