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WrenTech LLC presents Advanced Tactical Sight “Firefly”

WrenTEch Industries LLC is a Santa Fe based company run by Richard Nasef, a former champion IDPA revolver shooter; they make the Advantage Tactical Sight. WrenTech LLC has now released the Firefly night sight upgrade for ATS sight systems.

WrenTech advises the Firefly insert can be quickly and easily exchanged for any ATS standard nylon front sight post insert and that it presents the same advantages of the latter (use of the vertically aligned pyramid sight picture) during low-light conditions. They say the Firefly may “…appear dull in color and will require charging before use. The yellow and green spectrum base colors will change color slightly as they are exposed to a strong light source while charging. For the first charge, it is recommended to allow the sight to charge for at least five minutes. Any time the glow appears to diminish in strength, a 2-second hit with a tactical light will bring back the glow. A freshly charged Firefly will spike very bright, and then settle down to maintain a plateaued glow for many hours. The glow becomes increasingly more apparent as the environment becomes darker.”


MSRP on the Firefly is $36, for both a yellow- and a green-spectrum version.


“There are five universal closed shapes — square, rectangle, triangle, circle and ellipse. The rectangle and ellipse are derivatives of the square and circle. The remaining shape, the triangle, is considered the action/movement shape, as one's eyes always go to the points of the triangle. When you look at a circle or square, you look at the whole shape. When you look at a triangle, your eyes move instinctively to the points. The post-and-notch and its 3-dot derivative is a rectangle with no instinctive focal point. In all countries, regardless of how advanced or primitive, directions are always shown with an arrow — a straight line with a triangle. This symbol is universal to all humans. With the ATS, the barrel or slide is the straight line and the ATS sight picture is the arrowhead. The ATS, besides being a very precise shooting sight, is quick and instinctive. For this reason, new shooters and those with older or vision challenged eyes have an easier time with the ATS compared to traditional iron sighted configurations.”

Read more of the ATS story here on their website; full product listing here.

In order to make a point about the Firefly's glow, Nasef relayed the following (from the ATS blog). Note: install video further below.

This toy dinosaur was purchased 25 years ago, when I started my psychotherapy practice with young children.  Therapists, access the inner life of children through play, and this one was one of my first toy purchases. The dinosaur itself represents the glow and resin technology of a quarter of a century ago.  As you can see, it still glows.  In fact, it glows with the same duration and intensity, with the same amount of charge, as it did 25 years ago.  There has been no change in any of those variables.  This means that your modern Fireflies, with their updated technology, will also glow for the same duration and with the same intensity as the day you purchased them, for many decades.

Day light Dinasour.jpg
Glow Dinasour.jpg

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