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XTECH 5 Round VP9 Extensions

The HK VP9 received a whole lot of press when it was released, and now the aftermarket is following. XTECH Tactical has now released a 5rnd Mag Extender for the VP9 series and complete aftermarket magazines. Here's what they have to say about it.

XTECH 5 Round VP9 Extensions

XTECH Tactical, manufacturer of the Advanced Tactical Grip is today introducing two new products for the HK VP9 pistol. First up is the new 5rd Magazine Extender for VP9 magazines. The XTECH Tactical mag extender adds an additional 5 round capacity to the VP9 magazine for a 20 round total. The mag extender is super simple to install with absolutely no tools needed.

Jeremy Deadman, Director of Sales and Marketing for XTECH Tactical explains how they have eliminated reliability concerns that plague many other mag extenders.
“The biggest thing for function is that we have a 100% consistent ID within the extender portion AND the ID within the extender is less than the ID of the magazine. The benefit here is that it is impossible for the extender to cause a Fail to Feed which is a known issue in extenders.”

Additionally, XTECH Tactical will be offering complete XTECH Tactical VP9 magazines with and without the Mag Extender. The XTECH Tactical VP9 magazine will feature a 310 Stainless Steel body vs H&K’s Spring Steel body. It will also feature an extra round indicator hole to show the 20th round as shown in the photo below.

The magazine extensions are available now for $29.95 and the magazines (both 15 and 20 round) are expected to ship early this fall. You can learn more about XTECH by following this link.

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