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ExtremeBeam flashlights – angle it and swap colors

ExtremeBeam has released a new series of flashlights that are unique in 3 ways – they have multi-colored interchangeable bulbs, they have a modular attachment that allows the flashlight to become a 90 degree light (remember the old military angle-heads?), and they have silent remote switches available. This is the XT8 series, of which there are four models:

XT8 ProRanger

XT8 Strobe

XT8 Strobe Bundle

XT8 ProRanger Bundle

ExtremeBeam XT9 ProRanger

Each ExtremeBeam bulb’s reflecting cone is machined from stock aluminum for light projection, optimized for “efficient use of lumen output”, and engineered for heat dissipation so the light is left cool to the touch. The interchangeable bulbs are offered in red, green, ultraviolet, and infrared colors, and are also available in different lumens (currently 200, 210, and 500). The modular attachment that is built for the XT8 series is called the “Metal Molle” attachment, and transforms the light into a 90 degree flashlight that can clip to a pocket, belt, or MOLLE/PALS system. The silent remote switches have an on/off button and a complete silent momentary pinch switch; customers have the choice of 23” pigtail wire or 11” straight wire for this feature. All of these options combine to “…allow users to transform an individual flashlight into a versatile tool with a number of different combinations for use in nearly any situation.”

ExtremeBeam XT8 with molle attachment

Interestingly, the company that designed the new XT8 series actually began as small project to fund their ministry “without burdening others by the necessity of donations and offerings”. ExtremeBeam uses this financial support to continue their work in many countries abroad.

 You can read more about ExtremeBeam’s XT8 series and other lights they manufacture on their website.

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