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Black Dagger’s Military Heroes Top Shot® Competition

Some great video from Juggernaut Media Group, compiled at Black Dagger Military Hunt Club‘s recent Military Top Shot event.

This is CW2 Rumola “Romy” Comargo. He was with 1/75 Rangers and then 7TH SFG. In 2008, on his third tour in Afghanistan his unit was ambushed and he was shot in the neck while they were fighting their way free. The wound left him paralyzed from the neck down – but as you can see here, he can still hit a moving target.

Here’s a broader overview of the event.

On the range with Black Dagger Military Hunt Club -1

On the range with Black Dagger Military Hunt Club -2

Black Dagger Military Hunt Club is a 501C3 charity that supports veterans both wounded and well. It is all volunteer, providing support via peer-to-peer activities such as shooting, hunting and outdoor events. More here on their Facebook page – there’s more great video from the shoot there (including Michael Jernigan, a Marine blinded by an IED; guided by a spotter he also hits a moving target). Check it out.

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