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Dynamic Pie Concepts – “Slicing the Pie Drill”

There was some previous discussion about sending RECOIL editor Iain Harrison and RECOILweb editor David Reeder to a Dynamic Pie Concepts course. Their Tactical Blind Fire instructional was excellent. Watching this presentation of the DFC “Slice the Pie” drill just seals the deal.

You can talk all you want about Victory First, Stoic Ventures, Alias, Magpul, Sage, Greenside, Graham Combat, Costa Ludus, CFS, Gunsite, Yavapai, Rockwell Tactical, NOLATAC ad nauseum. None of them teach anything quite like this.

Dynamic Pie Concepts   Slicing the Pie Drill  photoIf you missed Tactical Application of Blind Fire, you can watch it now here – and we recommend you do.